Abby’s 7th Birthday

March 22nd, 2013 in About Me

Two days after Abby’s fun baking birthday party was her actual birthday. We did our normal Friday things; the feria (farmers market), grocery shopping, random errands, art class at the library, and hip hop dance class. It was a busy day but also Fridays are her favorite day because of what goes on. So I told her she was so lucky to have her birthday land on her favorite day.

Abby is going through figuring out her self-worth and building up her self-esteem. So I decided to heart attack a wall with things I love about her. And I really put thought into the things and wanted to them to cover a big span of subjects. From her tangible talents to her testimony to her cute freckles to her intelligence. Now she has all the hearts hanging over her bed.

For breakfast she requested cinnamon rolls and honey drizzled bacon. We have no idea where she came up with the honey drizzled bacon. But she ordered and we obeyed! That is how your birthday breakfast is supposed to be.

She opened her presents from her sweet grandparents and cards from other loved ones. Cameron gave her the first book in the Harry Potter series. We also received an older copy so she got one as well. We are going to do a combined book club next month and all read it together.

“Something yo Play With” was a sewing kit. “Something Pretty” were Smencils. “Something to Wear” was a new outfit for her hip hop dancing class. “Something to Read” was four books from her favorite series. I really like the stage she is in right now because she likes things that are a bit older. Sewing, crafting, drawing, reading, etc.

Then we went out and about and did all our errands, classes, etc. During the day I had someone snap a picture of the two of us. We also while touring a gift shop were told that their were animals in the back. So we went out back to see the birds, monkeys, iguanas, etc.

There was a little bit of time during the middle of the day where sweet family called and skyped with her. I know she loved it but I could also tell that it made her homesick for the rest of the day. She sure does love everyone and misses them.

After our busy day we went out to eat at our family’s favorite restaurant. Abby ordered sushi and then the sweet staff brought her a banana split.

A beautiful day for a beautiful girl. She was so lucky to spend it with her grandparents that were in town. Happy 7th Birthday!

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