Abby’s 10th Birthday

June 27th, 2016 in About Me

I remember when I turned 10. The only thing I remember is that I was very excited to be double digits. It was a very big deal to me. I think in my head I am still very young and cannot believe I have a kid turning double digits. Its all very weird to me.


Abby for her birthday breakfast asked for these certain kind of “breakfast cookies” that had chocolate and peanut butter in them. I responded with, you really want me to make you No Bake cookies for your birthday BREAKFAST?! That is what she wanted!

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FullSizeRender (51)My plan for only having 4 presents–to read, to play with, something pretty, and something to wear—is being ruined! The sisters are starting to really want to get presents for each other that I have nothing to do with! So now everyone is getting more each birthday.

This year for her parents Abby got a pretty ballerina picture I found for 20 dollars in an antique store. Along with that there was a note that said she got to pick out two new dance outfits she really wanted online.


Cameron got her some best friends gifts from their favorite store.


Shae & Reagan got her a selfie stick!


It was a Tuesday so the only class we had to be at was her dance team class. Which was her favorite class so she opted to go! On your birthday you can opt in or out of going to dance classes. If you opt out your sisters don’t go to theirs either. So during the day we were just lazy.

But after her dance class I took her to the Aveda Salon for a surprise. She got a private make up lesson and a pedicure. She sure did love that surprise.

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10 Fun About Abby for her 10th Birthday

#1 Abby is very creative and always wants to be working on a project. Pinterest is dangerous for her and she is always making different make up concoctions or different play doughs for her sisters. She always wants to plan parties, game nights, and plays. I probably have created a monster in this area.

#2 Every night I go to kiss Abby goodnight and put her Dollie on her cheek. She looks so baby faced and little still while she is sleeping.

#3 I forget how old Abby is and what she can handle all the time. She spoke very well and was very advanced for her age at a really young age. At 2 I probably expected too much of her, treating her like a 5 year old. At a 5 year old, I probably was treating her like an 8 year old. She right now is a 13 year old in  10 year old body. I always have to remind myself that she is the age she is.

#4 Right now our biggest strife in life comes from friends. Friends that have best friends, friends that only hang out with one friend, friends that ignore other people because there are with their best friends. Right now girls that are glued to each other is our hardship at our house.

#5 Abby loves to be with friends and being around people. She also really needs alone time to read or watch TV by herself. I have to force her to do this.

#6 Abby sets her alarm every morning and works on two goals first thing without fail. Her yoga and her ab exercises. Its amazing.

#7 Abby cares a lot about people. Her church teachers mean a lot to her and she notices when they are gone, or come late, or if they look stressed. She notices girls that need a friend. She is a very sweet friend.

#8 Abby needs a lot of encouraging words in her life, she needs people by her side telling her verbally she can do things. She is a stresser and obsessor, so needs people like that!

#9 Abby is very intelligent, she loves to read, write poetry, and learn new things non stop.

#10 Abby is beautiful, she really enjoys learning about makeup. One day she’ll help her mom out and do MY make up.

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