A Whole New Cry

March 23rd, 2010 in Life

I heard a new cry today that broke my heart.

My oldest has joined the crowd of girls who run from one house to another along the street, switching houses every 30 minutes.

My youngest just BEAMED when they were in our house. She thought they had come to play with her! She squealed with delight, talked her head off and felt very special to be in the same room with them.

She’s kind of oblivious but what does it matter? I wish I was more oblivious to life.

Then they all came pounding down the stairs with her little legs moving as fast as they could to follow them down. Usually she screams for me to come get her since those stairs are quite scary, but not this time! She forgot because she was part of the crowd. Then they busted open the front door, ran outside and shut it behind them.

Shut it on her.

Not on purpose, mind you! They are a bunch of four year olds excited that it is warm enough to PLAY!

I heard her make a noise, like the air had been sucked out of her, and then this deep intake of breath.

With her head down she started walking back down the hallway, her eyes shut tightly almost in denial!

The she started this cry…this SOB…one I had not heard before. Pure hurt, not over a silly toy or that she has to go for nap, but HURT.

And with her eyes closed she ran right into my arms.

Because even without looking…

She KNEW I would be there.


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