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April 2nd, 2012 in Love of Local in Utah

I kind of feel like I should start the post saying something that a 7 year old would say like….

“Nah nah nah nah nah nah I knew about 77kids before all ya’ll!” 

I did, it’s true. We have been buying clothes online from them since Abby was 2! I recommend the brand to lots of friends because the quality is very high (baby girl #3 will start wearing them and they still look awesome), they are fun fashion pieces (great outfits for family pictures or special occasions) and the designs are unique! I have fun dressing my kids in outfits that look like mini fashionistas and that I don’t see a million other kids in. (Although my kids have those clothes too and will spend some days entirely in their pjs) 

So when I started getting emails from all the new stores opening at City Creek in downtown Salt Lake I ignored most of them. Because I am pregnant and tired and lazy darn it! But when an email popped through from 77kids I was excited! And said yes, because we already know we love that store. Let me tell you a bit about the brand and the store:

  •  Like I said I have always been impressed by the clothing because of: the quality, the fashion pieces, and the unique designs.
  • It is the kids line from American Eagle.
  • The store is very kid friendly and I notice because some-how all my kids are always the ones falling over, bonking their heads into corners, etc. They have corner protectors on all the edges, metal shelves that won’t fall down if your kids sit/hang on them…and lots of other features I can’t remember at the moment.
  • The store is really interactive! They have these touch screens that you can stand in front of and try outfits on yourself and take pictures of yourself (that print out up front and you can take home!). Also this rock star video that you can put yourself in, watch yourself rock out in the video and email it to yourself to watch at home. 
  • They give the kids a prize when they come in! They have these bins at the front of the store with plastic bracelets, stickers, tattoos, etc. 
  • The dressing rooms are very cute, makes the whiny kid who hates trying on clothes be able to have some fun. Special hooks, a little window you can peek through so Mom doesn’t embarrass you by opening the door too early or having you walk out. 
  • Lots of little details like birds that appear on the floor and your kids can try to chase and stomp on.
  • They have a nice family restroom IN the store (thank you!), the boys side is just as great for them and they have the best gift section (little knick knacks, jewelry, lotion, books, etc.) for kids.
  • The pants have elastic bands (I have tall and skinny skinny kids) and for the bigger kids the elastic bands (with buttons) are no sitting on the hips–which really bug them. 77kids really understands the little quirks kids have with wearing clothes.
  • Lastly, I LOVE the idea of using the lines for family pictures. Nothing will be TOO matchy matchy but you can find some of the same styles & fabrics in all of the lines: baby, toddlers, kids and adults at American Eagle. So that the clothing will go together really well and have a “theme” but not in an over-done way.
So the store is really fun to go into even if you don’t buy anything! But you will want to they have an awesome baby line that has clothes that don’t look like every other store out there. They even have my FAVORITE baby blankets (made from bamboo, aden + anais ) in their own designs. They have a great toddler line, little kid line and big kid line. Then when your child/teenager gets old enough to be too big for 77 kids they go right into the sizes at American Eagle.
Here are some pictures of them in some of the dresses & hats we picked up BUT I didn’t get pictures yet of them in their bright colored skinny jeans with fun summer tops:

Check out 77kids online at: http://www.ae.com/77kids/index.jsp
Or in Utah at City Creek: CITY CREEK CENTER – 77KIDS
50 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Anywho, we love the store, I could write even more about it, hopefully you can tell I genuinely do!
Disclaimer: We did get quite a few free outfits for the girls for going in and writing about them. Woot even more 77kids clothes in our home!


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