75 Cent Bathroom Break, Chimichurri & 2 Million Dollar Beach House

August 18th, 2010 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

Tyler kept on checking in with me by patting my back throughout the trip and asking, “Still doing ok?” Then he would tell me about HIS first time out of the country and how sometimes it would freak him out. “Pshaw,” would think and say.”Look at me. I am doing wonderfully.”

But the last few hours of the drive to our beach house in a rainstorm, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere in the rain forest of Panama…I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I was freaking out inside.  And I wanted HOME now.

The drive had started off fine.  For dinner, we stopped at a wonderful Argentinian restaurant that someone suggested. You haven’t had chimichurri sauce or hot sauce (although that can’t be the name for something that wonderful) until you have had the substances in these bottles.

The girls played pet shoppes together in the back seat and the DVD player wasn’t needed until the end of the drive.

But then the roads started getting bumpier and thinner and the rain forest more dense…I was starting to tense up. Then when the rainfall started and dark came at 7pm sharp, it had me so tense my back started to hurt.

People walked up and down the highway with no shoes on like it was perfectly normal to walk in the middle of nowhere in the jungle in a rainstorm!  Of course, it was to them.  We had to be careful not to run into people!

You don’t want to know where the girls and I stopped to pee.  All I know is that it cost 75 cents and it was pitch black.  And I had to soak those clothes we wore into the bathroom later that night.

We didn’t get lost and didn’t notice the beautiful landscape until the morning later because we were wanting to just get there and fast.  We finally pulled into the Lobster Cove Estates at Playa Hermosa. Ann and Bob, the owners of this 2 million dollar beach house, were there to greet us.  They are such wonderful people.

I was put at ease a bit to see the beautiful place where we were staying, to have a nice potty break and a long cold shower.  Still, I felt a bit off.  It was pitch black and I had no idea what our surroundings looked like, what all of those sounds were and where in the world we really were.

In the morning I would find out.

Here is a tour of the inside of the place we are staying.  We are staying on the lower level of this beach house. It has it’s own deck, pool and entrances.  I just wanted Grandpa & Grandma to see that we ARE taking care of their grandkids! Just click here.

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