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May 7th, 2010 in sponsors

This week I signed on a couple new INeverGrewUp.net sponsors and I wanted to introduce you to the first one!

The 5000moms project is designed with a few purposes in mind:

ONE: To help you get back to the essentials of an authentic life.

TWO: To show you how to invest in your own wellness.

THREE: To combine those efforts to build a business where you can build a steady stream of income under YOUR control.

For Expansion Director, Nisha Riggs, the best part of 5000moms is working with other women, through FREE life coaching that comes as a part of participating in the project.  As a mom, I was in a continuous cycle with certain things before 5000moms:  “Tomorrow, I’ll get in a regular exercise routine.”  “Next week, I’ll do a better job with having my own Quiet Time.”  As moms and wives, we put everyone else first.  Keeping track of my goals in Home, Body, and Soul, combined with a weekly coaching call with my mentor has helped me to get out of those cycles.  As I put first things first and live more authentically, I have the time and energy to build my business and teach other women how to do the same.  When you’re a part of 5000moms, you’re a part of a large sisterhood, a support network you won’t find anywhere else.  To see the inner workings of 5000moms, especially the founding team, is a blessing.  These women are selfless and giving and want nothing more than for women to experience the joy of motherhood stress-free, especially in regards to their finances, their home, their body, and their souls.

Let me show off some of their recent articles that I have really enjoyed:

The Right Way to Set Up Your Personal Bank Accounts

Getting Real with Work at Home Moms

Power of An Apology

Be sure to head on over and check it out.  Thanks 5000 Moms!

Also they are doing a fun event here in Utah! Bring your girlfriends and join moms at the Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah June, 11-12th for only $100!!  The beautiful resort is the location for the 1st annual 5000moms and Media One Chrysalis event. Come relax, enjoy the spa and be inspired to live YOUR best life.


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