Four Little Birds & Pura Vida

February 21st, 2012 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

Today the girls and I headed into the doctor’s office to see and listen to baby #4 in my BELLY.


That’s right. Baby #4 in my belly.

Baby #4 wasn’t in the mood for pictures, so the ultrasound pictures aren’t that exciting to post. But it was fun to see her (Come on — let’s just start to prepare ourselves. We are meant to have a house full of girls.) and listen to her heartbeat. It was a quick look. All of the sisters started needing something and we ended the ultrasound early. Story of baby #4’s life already, huh? My husband is a #4; they’ll completely get each other.

Also, some other big news: we are making it a goal to move to Costa Rica in late October/early November. I want to leave the day after Halloween, and Tyler wants to leave a couple of weeks early to get things ready.

This is all dependent on how Tyler’s new DVD line does. Even if it just does “OK,” we will still head down there for six to 12 months to film the Spanish line of the DVDs. We will just rent out our house here. We are telling people about this, even though it might be embarrassing if something in life happens and it doesn’t work out. Oh, but I really believe it will — and I can’t wait.

I am not nervous about moving there. I *AM* extremely stressed about the amount of work I have to do before that.

Costa Rica has this saying that you hear people say to each other all day long: “Pura Vida,” which means the Pure Life. When we were first married we ditched everything and made the jump to move out to Massachusetts. It was the best thing we did for our little family and marriage. And I feel like this is what we need right now — our lives are ready for the next chapter.

Pura Vida.


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