2011 in Polaroids

January 5th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Writing an end of the year post is too daunting for me, and so is writing down resolutions for 2012. Too much to work through in my mind — can I still use the excuse that I had a baby this year and so I get out of doing it?

I am going to go with that.

We do, however, own a mini Polaroid camera that we have snapped pictures with during the year, so I present to you just a select few of 2011 in Polariods:

Angels are sometimes sent right to our own homes.

Shae has been my angel in my life.

She has brought me happiness, clarity in my life and peace to my family.

I am learning more and more that my girls need one-on-one time, and they need a mama who HAS to be more and more patient with them.

They deserve it.

A lot of our fun this year has revolved around pools, from Costa Rica to St. George

to California. These girls ingested lots of pool water in 2011!

My husband is a perfect father for little girls. Boy oh boy does he love these girlies, and he is their favorite thing on this earth.


2011: Blessed to have this family of mine and survive bringing baby girl #3 to our family.
2012: be good to us!

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