1st Half of Summer 2013

August 7th, 2013 in About Me

The girls have been back to school for three days now. Yesterday was the first day that between 1pm to 3pm I had complete silence. Tyler was gone, two oldest in school, two youngest napping. I just sat there, I did nothing, I just sat there in the silence. I had not heard that noise in quite a long time.

Man holy guacamole you guys, summer was crazy. I spent so many years in honestly a lonely stage of motherhood for me. Itty bitty kids, lots of just hanging out at home, playing with toys, etc. Now I feel myself moving on to the next phase of motherhood. Which I always looked at with awe. All these moms who had kids in different grades, different activities, different naptimes, go go go go go. We do just the basic (school and one activity) and I only have two older children. I don’t even fully know what is coming at me the next few years! But right now I have one foot in this go go go phase of motherhood and one foot still in the phase of babies. It is hard to balance, I fall on my face a lot.

I am going to take a big breath and try to recap summer this weekend. I didn’t even finish Costa Rica updates, or writing on our experience really was, and school has already started. I am behind! This blog is for me and my four girlies someday, so they can read the words of their mama. I try to hit spell check and give everything a good once over. I really need to take a grammar refresher course. One day who knows I might switch this to private. But for now, it is nice to see you all as well.

1st Half of Summer 2013

I used my Instagram feed to record our busy full summer. I am scrolling through it right now to remember where we were and what we did! Moved back from Costa Rica (that was hell–more on that later), stayed with my parents for two weeks, lugged all of our stuff from our basement in our house in Herriman into a house in Daybreak (just 10 minutes away). I have always been curious to try out Daybreak, to see if we could settle here, the verdict is still out. The first couple of weeks we fought to get our sweet minivan back from the grips of Miami Port Authority, spent time with family, got our hair did, glitter toes, ate a dearly missed fresh turkey sandwich, and celebrated mom and pop days. Went on some field trips to This Is the Place, Whole Foods, Beehive Bazaar, hikes, cupcake shops, out to eat, Hogle Zoo, Natural History Museum, bought some new bikes, went to a cousin wedding, Mummy Exhibit, shopping at City Creek, Leonardo Museum, Utah State Capital building, and Silver Lake.

Tyler & the girls on Mother's Day

The girls & I on Father's Day
Cousin Mike & I at the wedding

I went to a great cooking class which I have utilized over and over and over. We bought new bikes, had fun dinners at Grandma’s house, spent time with cousins, walked around some temples, went to the Natural Disaster Exhibit, tried the waffle truck, went to a neighborhood BBQ, Tracy Aviary, IHC Sunday with split open finger, and Ikea walking. Tyler and I have had some fun dates and I have had fun late night dinners with friends. Craft days with grandma, summer camp days with Aunt Becca, a fun company dinner, making Costa Rican food for all of our dinner guests.

Girls at the temple doors
Shae at the Utah Arts Festival
Thankfully this Koolaid came out!

I hosted a Cupcake Wars with 6 friends at my house, went to my sister’s in Provo for FHE, the girls and Tyler went to a Daddy Daughter dance, lots of parks, midnight In and Out trips, a cousin sleepover, good food, board games and dyed our hair with Koolaid. I met my sweet new nephew, we went on a dinosaur train in Heber, attended the Utah Arts Festival, and my sister came to visit from California. Poki lost a couple of teeth in some really funny ways, missing Costa Rica tons and tons, dance team try outs, fishing with grandpa, and watching our two dogs get older and older. Wheeler Farm, some church museums, and one million more things.

Girls at their 50's Daddy Daughter Dance

PHEW! That is only until the end of June and then we went on vacation!

Tyler has been in and out of town this summer to different countries and states, I cannot keep track. All I know is I do a lot of middle of the night runs to the airport with four sleepy girls.

My goal is to highlight the activities I bolded and also power through updating the rest of the summer.

But right now, I love the schedule the school year brings. We have had a good 14 months of play and summer. It’s time to get to work and I like it.

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