Our Honey Bunny

December 9th, 2013 in About Me

Dear Girls

Once upon a time you had the most wonderful dog, her name was Honey. Do you remember her? I hope so. Honey was your oldest oldest sister of course and back up mama. She was the first one you met when you arrived home as a newborn, she gave you the first welcome home kisses. Honey was the second person to wake you every morning and the last one to bid you a goodnight. She would follow me during the rounds at night, and sometimes get shut in your rooms late at night. Then when we would notice she wasn’t around we would have to go look in each of your rooms very quietly to get her.

Honey is a very patient dog, you must be with four kids coming into your life in seven years. Although being rude to her was never tolerated in the house, so she didn’t have to put up with much. People would give us a hard time that when they came over we would put her away. Putting her away meant that she got to lie on our big comfy bed while people were over for dinner. She didn’t mind. And the real reason we did it was because we don’t trust other kids around our dogs! Boy oh boy people would see the wrath if someone was to bug our poor ‘ole Honey. Other kids (well some, not all) aren’t sweet to dogs like you all are, and we didn’t have the patience for it. We love Honey way too much.

Honey is who you would run to and cuddle when I was being “SUCH A MEAN MOM!” Honey is the one particularly Reagan would hug and kiss first thing in the morning. Honey was born around Christmastime in 2002, right by where I lived. I remember driving by and seeing a bunch of new puppies running around outside and thinking they were cute. Then after I married your dad in early 2003 a friend’s sister was looking to get rid of a dog. It was only a few months old and the dog’s name was Honey. It ended up being one of those puppies I had been admiring a few months before! Boy oh boy she was sweet and I BEGGED your dad to get her. We were poor and could barely get enough money for a crate, leash, and collar. But she was mine and I took her everywhere I went. And your dad had her trained in no time.

She was my best friend and kept me from getting too lonely when we lived in Boston because your dad was out of town most of the time. Honey also was very worried about me during the last trimester of all my pregnancies, she would keep a close eye on me. Which would drive me crazy because she was always at my heels and I couldn’t ever see her over my huge belly. Honey also got me through a couple years of sad infertility, she gave me something to love and cuddle.

After Abby was born we finally took Honey in to get “fixed.” When I went to pick her up after her surgery I started crying, and cried the whole way home. Honey looked so tired and hurt. I also remember going to take her to swim in one of the lakes where we lived in New England. Honey did not enjoy this. Your dad and I would jump into the lake to swim and Honey would feel worried and jump in. She would let out this annoyed motherly yelp, barely swim over to us to see if we were ok, and then we would bring her back in to shore.

Honey loves her little brother, Rocco. He is a 125 lb Rottweiler but 60 lb mix breed Honey puts him in his place. She OWNS HIM. They love to be lazy together, sleep side by side, run around in the snow, and clean each other off. Honey’s downside is her hair, it is everywhere. It has got a lot better with her diet change, and taking care of her coat. But a lot better still means her hair is everywhere. I have no idea what mix of breed she is but all I know is it means the most hair in the world.

Honey is getting slower and slower. When she plays, it doesn’t last too long. When we go upstairs or downstairs sometimes she is too tired to make the treck up or down the stairs. She is sagging, she sleeps more and more, and she doesn’t whine for attention hardly ever. Now Honey is starting to get lumps under her skin. Labs get lumps under their skin when they are very old, most of the time they aren’t a big deal. But that isn’t all the time. But for now she is happy, tired but happy.

So just in case I snapped these pictures right before you all went off to school:

honey2 honey1



Honey has had a very good dog life. And she has been a best friend to you, I hope you remember our sweet Honey Bunny forever. Also I hope you have your own Honey one day. You do have a dog trainer for a Daddy that would help you have a sweetie just like Honey.



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