15 Minute Meals

What could be better than dinner only taking 15 minutes?

Someone bringing you dinner? Alright, you got me there.

Eating chocolate chip cookies for dinner? Yeah, I wish I could still pull that off. My metabolism has gone down the crapper.

So let’s say a 15 Minute Meal WOULD be pretty awesome. I’ll show you the last 2 I made. The pictures are from my phone:

Salmon: I prefer wild salmon (it is the brighter colored option). All I do is salt and pepper it, rub some curry paste on the top and sprinkle it with brown sugar. Then I put it in the oven with the broiler on high. After 10 minutes put a fork in there to see if it is cooked through. If not, give it some more time.

Asparagus: Trim them. Then add olive oil, salt and pepper to them and roast them! Put them under the broiler or in the oven on 425 and make sure you flip them halfway in between. Maybe they take like….8 minutes.

Couscous: It take 5 minutes to make. I buy Whole Grain CousCous from here. Add some butter, olive oil, salt and pepper to the water when you are making it. It needs it.

Chicken: Season it with garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, Herbes de Provence, whatever. And grill it up! Who wants dry chicken? So don’t over cook it. Let it sit for a bit. Then slice it.

Salsa: This salsa deserves a post on its own. People love when I bring this salsa to a party or when I make it for guests. You know, it’s just a knock off of Chipotle’s corn salsa but…BETTER. Until I do a whole post on it, here is a little run down so you can make it….3 ears of corn cooked under broiler and corn cut off, 2-3 avocados diced, 1/4 red onion minced, 1/4 of a white onion minced, 1 lime, 1 T white vinegar, 1/3 bunch of cilantro minced, salt & pepper. Mix that all up and there ya go. Lots of times I double this recipe. Next time I want to add some poblano peppers and see if it is even better. Also, I am not sure this is really a salsa…maybe a relish? Or…gotta figure out the right term for this corn avocado goodness! I serve the chicken right on top of it. Or you can eat it with tortilla chips or throw it in a burrito.

What is your favorite fast, fast meal that you MAKE but that you are proud to serve at the same time?

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