Proud Lady

May 2nd, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

This week I am proud that Abby finally rode a carousal. It is a big deal for her! At her Kindergarten field trip all of her friends did and she was so embarrassed that she was scared to she quietly went and sat on one of the benches with her head down. But this weekend she did it at Liberty Park. Good job baby doll.


I am proud of Cameron for being brave and going to dance every week. Every week she gets very nervous to go and leave me but every week right away she starts having a ball! She is getting much better at not having a meltdown before we go, good job baby doll!

I am proud of Shae for learning new tricks like hi-fives, saying CHEESE!, learning to pet Honey softly. Next on the list….learning to share, that will be a hard one.

And I am VERY VERY PROUD of my husband for winning BEST OF STATE YET AGAIN!!! Very proud.

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