10 Things You Didn’t Know About My Husband

August 12th, 2011 in About Me

#1 He’ll never, not ever get sick of the 3 Little Birds Song and asks us to sing it over and over in the car when we are all together.

#2 His baby girls love him more than me and most of the time I am ok with that. It doesn’t matter if he walks through our big front door once or if it’s the 14th time coming through it that day. He is always, yes always, greeted with squeals of “Daddy!” and a rush of girls running towards him.

#3 Big Poppi is very patient with his difficult wife. ‘Tis true, I tell you.

#4 He has a big scar on his upper arm from doing this (below) for years and years.

#5 Yes, he is a dog trainer. But I’ll pass on answering any dog training related questions (I know, rude of me). When he was 14 he decided he wanted to pursue this love of his and he called around to trainers asking one of them to take him as an apprentice. 16 years later he owns his own very successful dog training business and other dog related companies. That man was taught to work hard and go after his dreams. And that is what he does.

#6 Just like his Grandma Brown, he has a very quick wit about him. Very quick, it is hard to keep up! But his Grandma Brown and only sister are the ones that come very close (or just may, in fact, be even smarter than him…although, he’d never admit to that ;)).

#7 He calls me “Essa Cakes” and I love it.

#8 I have only heard him curse once…in English…that man likes his Spanish swear words! But it doesn’t count that way, right?

#9 This man was meant to have oodles of girls. He makes them feel special and beautiful and loved and smart and important.

#10 He is not perfect but he is a good, good, good man. And whenever I get wind of someone not being nice to my Big Poppi, my mother bear comes out and I want to beat the complete holy caca out of that person. Good thing he can take care of himself.

See, I like the Spanish swear words too.

And that is 10 Things You Didn’t Know About My Husband.

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