10 Reasons YOU Should Go to Wasatch Woman 2011

January 30th, 2010 in About Me

Missed Wasatch Woman 2010? Let me rub it in by giving my Top 10 reasons you should have been there.

#10 Emilylooked hecka hot in this shirt we picked out at Forever 21.  Just sayin.’ Look at how cute Quinn and Emily are.

#9 Who doesn’t want a Friday out on the town in downtown SLC for a lunch with fellow Utahns?

#8 Getting to meet the beautiful Pamela (lady behind Wasatch Woman) and her gorgeous baby girl.

#7 Getting a hug from Courtney

#6 The ladies working the registration tables were PURTEY awesome, don’t you think?

Ok sorry these were self indulgent. Let me get to the even better reasons.

#5 Honor.  Being in a room with hundreds of other Utah mothers and realizing that we were all here to honor womanhood. To realize how important we are and the change we can bring.

#4 Alissa Black and her STRENGTH to raise awareness and provide women that have been horribly abused with TANGIBLE life-saving help. These are the type of women I want my girls to look up to as role models. THESE are the type of women we need more of in our world.

#3 Stephanie, sweet Nie.  My life is forever changed and better because of her. Her unbelievable perspective on life and what really matters is a DAILY reminder to me. I will be indebted to her and her example for the rest of my life. I am so glad I was able to be there and support her winning an award.

#2 Linda Hill (the Wasatch Woman of the YEAR!) saying in her thank you speech, “My kids aren’t perfect but they are PERFECT FOR ME” I want that framed on my wall. Her kids are so wonderful, and how could they not be with such a wonderful mother?  Little things like this make me remember how lucky I am to have my family.

#1 Inspiration–I need this to continue trying my darned hardest as a mother. I need to take from other’s examples and strength and stories and trials and triumphs. And THIS is why I needed to come.

Thanks, Pamela & Wasatch Woman for a wonderful event.

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